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The Starter Package is a great DIY home security introduction. Users can monitor and observe when doors, windows or cabinets are opened and they can receive texts, push notifications and email alerts when the iSmartAlarm detects unauthorized activity. A simple list of components includes a hub, window/door sensors, motion sensor, remote, and sensor stickers for the yard or window. The nice thing about SmartThings and other home security devices being compatible with Z wave devices is that it works with hundreds of products, such as smart locks, smart sprinklers, smart garages and so much more. SmartThings is the cream of the crop in home security, especially considering it has no monthly fees. The device is best for those that enjoy a little tinkering around, as it’s not built to be an out of the box system, but rather requires that each device is programmed and set up separately.

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It is recommended that you install lights outside every doorway to the house.

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Thus, the concept of constant surveillance is presented at the very beginning the book.

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